Meet the Board

Monthly Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month in the evening. The location alternates between Tower and Cook.

The meetings are open to all members. Please check with a board member for the time and location of the next meeting.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for the agenda, please contact the Board President shown below. Agendas are usually finalized a few days before each meeting.

Board of Directors

Cook Directors

President Terry Grosshauser

7307 Oak Narrows Rd
Cook MN 55723

Email Terry Grosshauser

Vice President Dwight Warkentin

PO Box 97
Cook, MN 55723

218-666-2132 (home) 651-269-0674 (mobile)
Email Dwight Warkentin

Secretary & Member Records Sheri Sawatzky

2750 W Wakemup Village Rd
Cook MN 55723

Email Sheri Sawatzky

Director Emeritus Dale Lundblad

9082 Little Sweden Rd
Cook MN 55723

218-666-2316 (home) 218-666-5352 (BIC)
Email Dale Lundblad

Rob Joki

2660 Mordini Rd
Cook MN 55723

218-666-6147 (home) 402-719-9591 (cell)
Email Rob Joki

Adam Maki

P.O. Box 385
Cook MN 55723

Email Adam Maki

Tower Directors

Treasurer Jerry Lepper

3087 Old Highway 77
Tower MN 55790

Email Jerry Lepper

AIS Prevention Program Leader Jeff Lovgren

2113 Birch Point Rd
Tower MN 55790

218-753-2413 (home) 218-290-7793 (mobile)
Email Jeff Lovgren

Howard Ankrum

1878 Everett Road S
Tower MN 55790

Email Howard Ankrum

Mel Hintz

6119 Pike Bay Dr
Tower MN 55790

Email Mel Hintz

Marge McPeak

1597 McKinley Park Acres Rd
Tower MN 55790

Email Marge McPeak

Wayne Suoja

1029 Eales Rd
Tower MN 55790

Email Wayne Suoja