3000 AIS Boat Inspections at Lake Vermilion

Watercraft inspections are an important part of aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention at Lake Vermilion. We are pleased to tell you we’ve reached a major milestone. Last week, our team inspected its 3000th boat at Lake Vermilion’s public and private launch sites since Fishing Opener 2016.

We’re well on our way to our goal to inspect 9000 of the estimated 18,000 boats that launch each year.

We now have all three of the inspection initiatives in operation: 1) inspectors at public accesses, 2) two boat cleaning stations on the air, and 3) a pilot program of inspections at private resorts.

Thank you all for your role in preventing AIS!

Phil Norvitch
Water Resource Specialist
North St Louis SWCD

Jeff Lovgren
AIS Program Leader
Sportsmen’s Club of Lake Vermilion

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