Sheriff’s Office provides high water safety reminders.

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Gordon Ramsay

Date: June 22, 2024

Media Contact: Lt. Josh Graves
(218) 221-5401

Sheriff’s Office asks boaters to reduce wake, provides other water safety reminders

With flood conditions persisting and water levels high on many lakes and waterways throughout St. Louis County, the Sheriff’s Office is reminding people to use caution and be aware of the risks.

People should avoid contact with flood water as it may be contaminated. Do not swim or play in flood water. Exposure to flood water can lead to illness and infection. Anyone whose skin comes in contact with flood water should wash thoroughly with soap and water and treat any open wounds that may have been exposed.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office is asking people to use caution and courtesy when boating. With the high-water levels, many shoreline property owners and businesses are experiencing damages to their properties due to flooding and erosion. These high-water levels are also creating navigational hazards for boaters, as some docks are now floating and other debris has entered the water via flooding.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind boaters to slow down, pay close attention to surroundings, and avoid creating undo wakes when traveling near shorelines. Be courteous to fellow boaters and property owners by doing your part on the water, and as always, be sure to wear lifejackets whenever venturing out to enjoy a day on the lake!

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all water enforcement on lakes and waterways within our jurisdiction.

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