About the Association

A Tradition of Community Service.

The Vermilion Lake Association has been working since its founding in 1968 to protect Lake Vermilion and to enhance the outdoor experience for those who share it. Its volunteers have invested thousands of hours monitoring water quality, promoting sound shoreline and watershed practices, monitoring Vermilion’s loon population, maintaining night navigation lights, building day-use shore lunch sites, encouraging effective cormorant management, removing rough fish from the lake, and working with the local DNR Fisheries staff to protect Lake Vermilion’s fishery.

Our Membership.

The VLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit lake association with 2400 members. Only 25% live on the lake or in nearby communities. The rest are frequent visitors to resorts and cabins, living elsewhere in Minnesota (50%) or other states (25%). All share a passion for Lake Vermilion.