Meet the Board

Monthly Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month in the evening. The location alternates between Tower and Cook.

VLA members are welcome to attend as observers with no participation (unless asked by a board member). The president shall be informed prior to a board meeting for a VLA member to attend a board meeting.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for the agenda, please contact the Board President shown below. Agendas are usually finalized a few days before each meeting.

Board of Directors

Cook Directors

President Dwight Warkentin

PO Box 97
Cook, MN 55723

Email Dwight Warkentin

Pat Michaelson

2384 Deerwood Lane
Cook MN 55723

Email Pat Michaelson

Sheri Sawatzky

2750 W Wakemup Village Rd
Cook MN 55723

218-780-8178 (mobile)
Email Sheri Sawatzky

Terry Grosshauser

7307 Oak Narrows Rd
Cook MN 55723

Email Terry Grosshauser

Eric Hanson

2747 Vermilion Dr.
Cook MN 55723

Email Eric Hanson

Treasurer Mark Schmidt

8780 Raps Rd.
Cook MN 55723

Email Mark Schmidt

Member Records Lisa Tamte

2476 Center Island Rd
Cook MN 55723

Email Lisa Tamte

Secretary Kelly Ludlow

8166 Ludlow Rd
Cook MN 55723

Email Kelly Ludlow

Tower Directors

Jerry Lepper

3087 Old Highway 77
Tower MN 55790

Email Jerry Lepper

Craig Beveroth

9416 Heartside Dr
Tower, MN 55790

Email Craig Beveroth

AIS Co-Leader Gary Haugen

1903 Westhaven Dr
Tower MN 55790

Email Gary Haugen

John Yocum

4102 Hoel Rd
Tower MN 55790

Email John Yocum

Vice President and Communications Lori Ptak

95183 Trapper Shack Bay
Tower, MN 55790

Email Lori Ptak

Volunteer Program Leader Andrine Lemieux

1523 Echo Narrows Lane
Tower, MN. 55790

Email Andrine Lemieux

AIS Co-Leader Nancy Watkins

5981 412th St
Rice, MN 56367

Email Nancy Watkins

Lake Steward Leader Sara Bright

95043 Smarts Bay
Tower, MN. 55790

Email Sara Bright