Our Mission

From our Bylaws, Article I, Section 2, as amended at the 2003 Annual Meeting

The Vermilion Lake Association of Lake Vermilion, Inc., is hereby organized for the following purposes:

  • To promote and enhance the outdoor experience of Lake Vermilion for present and future generations by:
    1. Maintaining and improving the Lake Vermilion fishery
    2. Promoting “Catch & Release”
    3. Promoting safe boating practices
    4. Establishing and maintaining a Night Navigational Aid System
    5. Establishing and maintaining shore lunch/picnic sites
    6. Monitoring and protecting area wildlife
  • To protect and improve the water quality of Lake Vermilion by:
    1. Monitoring water quality in cooperation with interested government agencies
    2. Promoting shoreline preservation and re-vegetation
    3. Monitoring exotic species and preventing their spread
    4. Promoting sound conservation practices in the Lake Vermilion watershed
  • To educate Club members and the public regarding issues which impact Lake Vermilion by:
    1. Publishing a periodic newsletter and distributing it to Club members and the public
    2. Maintaining an internet website containing previously published newsletters and other information about the Club and Lake Vermilion
    3. Publishing news releases and articles pertaining to Club activities in other publications