If It Looks Suspicious, Report It

Early detection of new aquatic invasive species (AIS) infestations is a team effort. The key to our success is property owners, lake visitors, volunteer access sentries, and AIS Detectors all working together.

Because our highest priority threats are vegetation that tend to become first established where introduced, be especially vigilant at Vermilion’s public and private accesses.

Please report any suspicious aquatic vegetation or invertebrates which you do not recognize as native to Lake Vermilion to our AIS Detector team.


Report Suspicious Vegetation

Notice anything unusual?

Please take a picture, place a sample in a Ziploc bag, and contact an AIS Detector through this hotline

(218) 288-1080



Our AIS Detector Team

After you take the first step to report a suspicious plant or invertebrates, a member of our AIS Detector team will get back to you promptly.


Identifying the AIS Threats to Lake Vermilion

Want a little help to identify what you’re looking at? Click on this link to our AIS identification page. You can also purchase the guide the pros use: AIS Identification Guide: A Minnesota Handbook. The handbook costs about $45 through the Univ of Minnesota Bookstores.