Proposed Changes to ByLaws

 Resolution to Amend Bylaws 

Pursuant to Article V, Section 11 of the Bylaws of Sportsmen’s Club of Lake Vermilion, Inc. d/b/a Vermilion Lake Association (the “Bylaws”) , be it 

RESOLVED that the Bylaws are amended as follows: 

Article III, Section 1 Dues, amended to eliminate the membership categories of “Single”, “Couple” and “Family” and replace with a single category of membership to be called “Household”; 

Article V, Section 12 Balloting, amended to eliminate the existing number of votes for Family, Couple and Single membership categories and replace with one (1) vote for Household membership; 

Article VI, Section 2 Other Leadership Positions, amended by revising the listing of leadership positions as set forth in the attached document which identifies specifically the implementation of the foregoing Bylaw amendments (Bylaws 2022 amendment marked)

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