Septic & Private Well Workshop

Learn About Septic Systems and Private Wells!

Monday, September 30th 2019
Northwoods School
10248 Olson Rd E
Cook, MN 55723

This free class will cover the basics of how septic systems function, well water testing, and how to help protect your well from contamination sources.

FREE Well testing kits will also be available! The Minnesota Department of Health will fund well water testing of arsenic, nitrate, and coliform bacteria for all workshop attendees.

Homeowners will also learn about chemicals of emerging concern (CEC) including pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and the potential impact on ground and surface water. Information on proper maintenance of both septic systems and private drinking water systems will be covered to help property owners protect their investments and the environment.

This event is organized by the North St. Louis Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) in coordination with the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center, the Minnesota Department of Health, Northwoods School Community Education, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

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