Live View — a Loon’s Nest on Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota — More than 200 loons are making their summer home on our lake, returning to build nests and bring chicks into the world. Look and listen live to the daily life of one loon family on our very own VLA Live LoonCam. Click on the window to connect to our Live YouTube Channel.

In March, 2021, the Vermilion Lake Association launched a team to design and build a live camera system that could stream a live view of a loon’s nest during the summer months to our website and to YouTube, also creating content for our Facebook friends. Thanks to our members whose annual dues paid for the equipment, and to Access Broadband of Virginia, MN, for the WiFi service that makes this possible. It’s our intent to keep the location of the live LoonCam unidentified to protect the privacy of the loon family and their human neighbors.

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