Night Navigation Lights

As a community service, the Vermilion Lake Association maintains a series of flashing night navigation lights along the major travel routes on the lake. Inconspicuous by day, the lights assist boaters and snowmobilers traveling the lake at night by helping them visually locate the main routes of travel.

night-lightsOver the years, the lights have been upgraded to improve reliability. All are now solar powered to minimize routine visits to swap batteries.

The lights are placed at shoreline spots and are not intended to indicate navigational hazards. This map will give you a general idea of where the night navigation lights have been placed. Anyone traveling Lake Vermilion at night should refer to a Boater’s Map of the lake which will indicate exactly where the lights are located. Boater’s Maps can be purchased at many commercial establishments around the lake.

How to Report a Non-Working Light

If you find a light that does not seem to be working, please contact activity coordinators John Zwieg or Jerry Bontems. .

For More Information or to Volunteer

For more information on our night navigation light activities or to volunteer to assist, please contact activity coordinators John Zwieg or Jerry Bontems.