Minnesota Lakes and Rivers (MLR), working with the Vermilion Lake Association (VLA) and the North St. Louis Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD), has launched the Lake Steward Program by using a 10-question quiz to “Score Your Shore”.  Afterwards, a VLA volunteer will visit the participant’s property and follow up with the owner to learn their goals and hopes for the property..  Owners that decide to become a Lake Steward are awarded a beautiful sign with the VLA logo (see below) to be displayed at the end of their dock.

Lake Vermilion has many unique types of shoreline, and even if you decide not to become a Lake Steward, you can still protect the aquatic habitat and water quality.  Your VLA volunteer can talk with the property owner about steps they can take to improve their shoreline.  The MLR, VLA, and SWCD can provide information to property owners about companies that can do restoration, plant suggestions, and matching grant opportunities.

If you are interested in improving the shoreline habitat on your property, the SWCD is piloting a project to assist landowners with planting a shoreline buffer. Over the course of a couple select days this fall, a Conservation Corps Crew will be working on Lake Vermilion to restore or enhance a handful of landowner projects. If you are interested in taking part of this opportunity, start by taking the Lake Steward Quiz! The VLA volunteers will help you determine if this opportunity will be a good fit for your property and goals. You can also contact Becca Reiss, the North St. Louis SWCD at becca@nslswcd.org or 218-288-6143.

Criteria for MLR Lake Steward

How to become a Lake Steward:

    1. Take the quiz here: http://mnlakesandrivers.org and click on the blue/green box “Are you a Lake Steward?”
    2. A VLA volunteer will visit your property and make recommendations if needed.
    3. When qualified receive a Lake Steward sign with the VLA logo.

For more information and if you want to participate, please contact Sara Bright at VLALakeSteward@gmail.com