2020 Annual Loon Count on Lake Vermilion

In between recent storms the annual loon count on Lake Vermilion was conducted on Monday, July 13 on a perfect summer day.  Seventy-nine volunteers covered twenty-two territories on the lake and spotted 201 loons.  The west (Cook) end saw 81 loons which included 15 chicks, while the east (Tower) end sighted 120 which included 13 chicks.  This total number of loons was 6 more than the 2019 count of 195, although the chicks numbered 8 less than last year.  Several volunteers reported seeing adult loons still sitting on nests.

This year’s count is comparable to that of 2011 and 2017.  Just like our weather, nature has its ups and downs.

Cormorants are also counted at the same time as loons and this information is passed on to the Vermilion Lake Association.  Watch for upcoming posts. Thank you to all the volunteers!

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