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Science Proves That Releasing Big Fish, And Keeping Only Small Ones, Improves a Fishery

Here’s Proof That Bigger is Better Big Fish Produce More and Better Eggs, Passing on Their Superior Genes Originally published by Most informed anglers now intuitively understand the concept of “selective harvest.” That’s where we release the bigger, mature, often egg-laying members of a. . .

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Stewardship of Our Legacy: Preserving and Promoting Quality Fisheries

Walleye The 2020 annual fall gill-net survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) marked the highest lake wide Walleye catch rate in 37 years of standardized Lake Vermilion sampling at 20.4 fish/net. Although the 2020 survey result is continued evidence of an. . .

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Catch and Release Trophy Panfish

Here are two 10 year old fish – which one is more likely to be eaten? Some years ago, InFisherman magazine began emphasizing the common-sense of selective harvest of mid-size panfish, and recognition of large panfish as respectable trophies worthy of release, and not just. . .

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