Monthly Archives: October 2018

Fall Newsletter Available Now

The Vermilion Lake Association is ready to mail its fall newsletter to its members. Act now to be among the first to read about our 50th Anniversary Celebration, Natural Lawn Care Tips, Lake Vermilion Fisheries Plan, and more. Download or view your copy here.

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Check Your Docks and Lifts for AIS This Fall

Early detection of new aquatic invasive species (AIS) infestations is a team effort: Key to our success is property owners, lake visitors, volunteer access sentries, and AIS Detectors all working together. Please report any suspicious aquatic vegetation or invertebrates which you do not recognize as. . .

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Public Comments Sought on Minnesota Loon Restoration

After the BP oil drilling platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, BP agreed to provide funds to restore natural resources damaged by the oil spill. On Oct 9, trustees overseeing some of those funds published a draft proposal which included $7.52M to. . .

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