Monthly Archives: June 2022

Loon’s eggs hatch, two little chicks learn to swim within hours

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota — Two loon chicks hatched from their eggs in the Thursday morning sunshine June 23 and within hours, the older one was already learning how to swim in Lake Vermilion. After ferociously guarding her two eggs for nearly a month, a loon. . .

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Eagle Attacks Loon Nest

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota — A bald eagle attacked a loon nest that has been featured on a live camera from the Vermilion Lake Association last year and again this May and June. It happened Monday evening after a number of screaming matches between the eagle. . .

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Lake Vermilion’s Loons are back in spite of Storms and High Water

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota — The high water levels and pummeling storm systems have slowed down just about everything on Lake Vermilion this May and June, but the loons that migrate from the Gulf Coast or southeast Atlantic states have made it back. Our favorite loon. . .

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