Lake Vermilion creel survey begins

December 6, 2021


Ice anglers fishing Lake Vermilion this winter may be asked to participate in the lake’s first winter creel survey since the winter of 1985-1986. Creel clerks from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will be traveling the lake on foot or on snowmobile to interview ice anglers about their harvest through Feb. 27.

During the interviews, the creel clerks will ask anglers a few questions about their fishing trip for that day and record information on the fish species caught. Creel clerks may ask to record measurements of fish that anglers keep. Additionally, DNR pilots and a local contractor will conduct aerial ice house counts to obtain information on angling effort.

Fisheries managers rely on creel surveys to collect information on fishing pressure, catch, harvest and size distribution of several important fish species in Lake Vermilion. This information, when combined with scientific data collected during standard fisheries population assessments, is used to make informed fisheries  management decisions.

Angler participation is an essential part of this study, so the DNR is asking anglers to be patient with the creel clerks and provide information that is as accurate as possible. Prior to 2021, 13 creel surveys have been conducted on Lake Vermilion since 1984 including 12 open-water creels and one winter creel.

For additional information or questions, contact Matt Hennen at the DNR Tower area fisheries office: 218‐300‐ 7810 or

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