Lake Vermilion Fishing Report

We are now approaching the period where the walleyes are most difficult to catch on Lake Vermilion, even harder than during the mayfly hatch, in my opinion. Most of the fish have moved off the big bay reefs and are out on the flats.  The only way to really target these fish effectively is by trolling and covering a lot of water.  In Frazier Bay, Niles Bay, and Wakemup Bay, fish are still relating to structure a little bit more than on the far east end of the lake and can be caught by live bait rigging around structure.

The fluctuating water temps have temporarily slowed the muskie bite, but as the water temperature continues to drop, the muskies will really start to feed in preparation for winter.

The good news is that the bass are continuing to bite all over the lake.  These bass can be easily spotted on your electronics on the rock bars that come up to 6′ to 12′.  Keep checking around, and when you mark fish, they will typically bite.

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