Understanding Boat Access Traffic Key to AIS Inspection Success

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) watercraft inspectors checked over 12,000 boats at Lake Vermilion in 2016. The team learned quickly as the summer progressed, and, for the most part, the inspectors were at the right places at the right times. To understand traffic patterns even better in 2017, we will deploy counters at unstaffed accesses and strengthen our volunteer data analysis team.

TRAFx Vehicle Counters. Six small self-contained magnetic traffic sensors will be moved from access to access, recording boat access traffic patterns for generally a week at a time. This data will supplement the arrival info we gather as we talk to boat operators where our inspectors are deployed.

Data Analysis Team. VLA volunteers with advanced Excel spreadsheet skills will continually update our boat arrival model by merging information from our inspection counts, from our unattended traffic sensors, and from the staffing agency’s inspector time sheets. In future years, we may “risk adjust” the data to reflect arrival patterns from high-risk lakes with specific AIS infestations.

If you would like to help our lake association on either of these two new initiatives, please contact Jeff Lovgren Lake Vermilion AIS Prevention leader.

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